Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR)

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) provides a convenient way to create backups of cloud-native servers, disks, and file systems, in addition to VMware virtual environments hosted on-premises. In case of a virus attack, unintentional removal, or software/hardware malfunction, you have the capability to recover assets to any specific moment corresponding to the backup data.


Policy-based automatic backups; a clear view of backup and restore tasks with the console dashboard

Cross-region Protection

Cross-region replication of backup data allows for remote backup and disaster recovery

Fast Backup & Restore

Incremental backup shortens the time required for backup by 95%, and Instant Restore allows for RTO within minutes

Multi-resource Support

Data protection for cloud-native servers, disks, file systems as well as on-premises VMware VMs

Select the appropriate vault type for your tasks.

Cloud Server Backup Vault

  • Backup object: All disks (system and data disks) on a cloud server
  • Scenario: Protection of entire cloud servers
  • Advantage: All disks on a server are backed up at the same time, ensuring data consistency.

Starting from $0.036 USD/GB-month

Cloud Disk Backup Vault

  • Backup object: One or more specific disks (system or data disks)
  • Scenario: Protection of some data disks
  • Advantage: Backup costs are reduced but data security is not.

Starting from $0.019 USD/GB-month

SFS Turbo Backup Vault

  • Backup object: SFS Turbo file systems
  • Scenario: Protection of SFS Turbo file systems
  • Advantage: File system backups are stored elsewhere and can be used to create new file systems.

Starting from $0.064 USD/GB-month

Hybrid Cloud Backup Vault

  • Backup object: Synchronized backups of on-premises VMware VMs
  • Scenario: On-premises backups need to be managed and restored on the cloud.
  • Advantage: On-premises data can be backed up to the cloud and used to re-build services on the cloud.

Starting from $0.064 USD/GB-month

Why CBR?

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Ease of Use

Policy-based automatic backup eliminates the need for complicated configuration and does not affect services.

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Rapid Backup and Restore

Incremental backup and incremental restoration are supported for better efficiency.

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Secure and Reliable Backup

CBR ensures the consistency of cloud server backups. Backup data can be encrypted and stored across data centers.