Amazon Lightsail

Build applications and websites fast with low-cost, pre-configured cloud resources. Infinity Computers is a partner of AWS, We are actively assisting businesses in revolutionizing their operations by empowering their unique journeys to AWS.

The future belongs to the cloud, and we are here to lead the way.

Whether you require computational strength, database storage, content distribution, or any other features, AWS, in collaboration with Infinity Computers, offers the solutions to empower you in constructing advanced applications with enhanced adaptability, expandability, and dependability.

Cloud Infrastructure

Transform the operational dynamics of your organization. we tailor cloud strategies to suit our clients' unique requirements, prioritizing risk reduction, downtime minimization, cost efficiency, and performance optimization. Collaboratively.

Software Development

Optimal solution for your software development requirements. To gain a competitive edge, organizations need to enhance their product quality. We are here to assist you in the planning, development, and supervision of your project, facilitating swifter innovation and reducing time-to-market.

Machine Learning

Infinity Computers and AWS democratize access to machine learning, allowing it to become a central driving force within your business, powering innovation, and enabling the development of fresh capabilities.

Internet Of Things

Our IoT solutions enable you to effortlessly and securely link billions of IoT devices with the AWS cloud. Our team of IoT professionals leverages AWS services to construct IoT applications capable of collecting, processing, analyzing, and responding to data generated by connected devices on a global scale, all without the need to oversee any infrastructure management.

Business Intelligence

We utilize AWS cloud services to offer applications that encompass virtually all the necessary components for the swift and straightforward creation and administration of Business Intelligence solutions.


Enhance your authority and introduce privacy solutions on AWS. By merging extensive controls, enhanced scaling visibility, and automated procedures, you can establish a secure base upon which to construct your projects. This centralized and user-friendly security integration guarantees the safeguarding of sensitive data and offers reassurance.